What the Butts!?

Dudes and dudettes you MUST check out this comic series from IDW! “Weird Love” focuses on insane romantic situations. These are all stories from the 1950s reprinted and reintroduced into our modern era. Previous issues focused on call girls and odes and female asses; this issue is all about the fabulous lives of trailer trash girls. If you want insane ‘old school love stories’ you can barely wrap your head around then this series in the one for you! It’s only $3.99 and came out this past Wednesday November 12th!




So I know the Avengers Age of Ultron Trailer is pretty fucking cool.

I hope it’s kay if I swear cause I’m gonna do it anyway.

But as a comic as well as Disney buff, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the How It Should Have Ended trailer they did for it.

Check. This.

(I’m also shamelessly test trying to embed videos into my blog)

Intro Time


My name is… well you can call me Batsy if yous wants or even if yous don’t wants. I work at Downtown Comics, and I also do a vlog for Nuvo, an Indy based magazine/newspaper schtick. I’ve been wanting to start a vlog for a long time and finally found the right spot for it!

I will be posting all things comics! Also, talking about movies and tv, the whole nine yards! Covers of the week, this week in comic history, cool merch, etc. I’ve got a ton of ideas, so stay tuned! (that is, if anyone is tuned)