New Comic Book Day!!

Here’s my preview vlog for new comic book day! It’s  my 9th one so that’s pretty cool for me,  considering how awkward I am. I go over titles I think are neat-o and try not to set the store on fire!

As always I have an amazing screencap. One day my face will get it right.

Shadow Show is my comic of interest! Ray Bradbury is freaking amazing and the first issue was great! It’s one of those stories that make you feel like a kid again. Discovery, loss and mourning are part of this tale. And also a monster. Neil Gaiman contributed to Shadow Show as well so i can’t wait for that issue to come out (or I could just buy the book). Also, for you Madman lovers, Image put out a 3D special for the series. So put some 3D goggles on your face and get ready for the ride of a lifetime!

I’ll post a list of all the new comics later today!  Bye bye!


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