Jurassic World

When I was a kid, Jurassic Park was my favorite movie. I loved all the dinosaurs and wish that such a place existed so I could train a T-Rex and ride it into battle. I spent a few years wanting to be a paleontologist because of this movie. I ferociously defended the sequels from criticism, mourned the demise of the beautiful T-Rex in the third movie and eyed the new dinosaur carefully from behind the screen.
Every kid loves dinosaurs right? They usually grow out of it, as did I however I still have a soft spot for the movies that created such a beautiful fantasy world for me (now a days I appreciate the cunning and intelligent Velociraptors as opposed to the T-Rex).

In 2015 Jurassic World will be released in theaters. I rarely see movies on opening day but this will be an exception. I cannot wait to see what tomfoolery these scientists will be getting into upon the creation of this newest dinosaur. I can’t wait to feel amazed and wishful of such a place existing. I can’t wait to hear that beautiful theme music again (dah DAH dah DAH duh duh duh DA duh duh DA). I can’t wait to feel like a little kid again.


Also Chris Pratt is in the movie and Star-Lord is not hard on the eyes. 12/10 dudes.


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