You Should a Been Reading This


What is “Blacksad”?

“Blacksad” is a comic series written by Juan Diaz Canales and illustrated by Juanjo Guarnido. It is set in America in the 1950’s and features anthropomorphic characters. “Animal-people” if you will (which are really cool). All the characters have personalities based off of their species.

The series follows Detective John Blacksad as he solves the cases the police don’t care about or simply do not have the power to investigate. He has a partner named Weekly who is a Weasel (no really like an actual weasel) and he sometimes works with his friend Commissioner Smirnov, who is a German Shepherd (because what other kind of animal would make a fine police commissioner?).

“Blacksad” is composed of five “short stories”- Somewhere Between the Shadows, Arctic Nation, Red Soul, A Silent Hill, and Amarillo (released in that order). Dark Horse recently released a hard cover book of the first three stories.

Why the heck would I wanna read this??

If you love a great crime story filled with adventure, a tinge of romance and beautiful artwork this is the book for you! The story is told with a lot of soul and you really get to feel for Blacksad as his character develops. He was once a young punk with a rough path and now he is a detective trying to fight for what is right in a corrupt and evil world.

Seriously why aren’t you reading this book?? Go forth and buy this!!

Animal. People. What more must I say?


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