New Week

So, starting this week, I will be posting at least once a day. It’s a little hard for me to do it because I’m computer lacking unless I’m at work.

I mean I totally don’t go on the computer at work.

I’ve made a “schedule” of what I want to post about on certain days. The list is subject to change of course but I promise I will try to keep up with posting. It’s good for a following.

Here’s my schedule!

Sunday– Comics/ Graphic novels you really should have read already.

+ Writer spotlights

Monday– Origin Days! How did your favorite superhero/character begin?

+ First appearances

Tuesday– Comics in media! TV shows! Movies! Music! All that jazz

+ Cool trailers, fan made videos and more

Wednesday– NEW COMIC BOOK DAY! Best day of the week, yo!

+ I’ll also post the vlog I do for Nuvo spotlighting series an’ such

Thursday– Best cover art, yo diggity!

+ Artist spotlights (including independent artists and such)

Friday– Sweet merch to spend your paycheck on!

+ Hand made merchandise, etc. Like Etsy and junk

Saturday– “Caturday” Animals in comic books!

This one might change, we’ll see! I like cats way too much.

Anyway! That’s the schedule. Let’s get started yo.


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