Intro Time


My name is… well you can call me Batsy if yous wants or even if yous don’t wants. I work at Downtown Comics, and I also do a vlog for Nuvo, an Indy based magazine/newspaper schtick. I’ve been wanting to start a vlog for a long time and finally found the right spot for it!

I will be posting all things comics! Also, talking about movies and tv, the whole nine yards! Covers of the week, this week in comic history, cool merch, etc. I’ve got a ton of ideas, so stay tuned! (that is, if anyone is tuned)


2 thoughts on “Intro Time

  1. “Worst intro ever” – Comic Book Guy // The Simpsons
    However harsh Comicbook Guy may be, I on the other hand am looking forward to your fresh squeezed, pulpy, comic book matters. Keep it flowing.


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